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June 1st | "Fulfillment" Virtual Hapé Ceremony

June 1st | "Fulfillment" Virtual Hapé Ceremony

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This is a virtual hapé workshop and ceremony.
June 1st | 7:00pm - 9:00pm EST

7pm-8pm - Virtual Workshop | If you are new to hapé, and you've never self administered, you need to join this part before entering ceremony. Please select "Workshop & Ceremony"
(Please also make sure to purchase a kuripe & hapé before attending. If you need help, or more information, email us)

8pm-9pm - Virtual Ceremony | This is where we get to talk about intentions, and go into ceremony together. You are more than welcome to come to the workshop part if you'd like to. If you have a relationship with hapé and you'd prefer to simply attend the ceremony part, that is perfect too.

** Please make sure to leave your email when you purchase, so you can receive the link to the Zoom call a few days prior to the event and a preparation email.

About this Event - "Fulfillment"
The full moon is a time we feel the energy to express ourselves the most, solidify our relationships, discard the toxicity in our lives and make positive changes.

The full moon in Sagittarius is on June 4th, and is bringing in an opportunity for us to engage. Engage in stimulating conversations. Engage in new adventures, and new experiences and engage in our wild-child, carefree spirit as we dream big.

Sagittarius inspires us to look into the future, towards our biggest goals and set our path towards them with inspiration and excitement.

This virtual event is a few days before this full moon, as we set our intentions to reflect on what we've been working diligently towards, what doors we have closed, and what doors we have opened for ourselves. This is a chance to focus on where we are going.

What's included:
. An understanding about the medicine and use of Hapé
. Learn about different Hapés, Set & Setting, how and when to use them
. Workshop on how to self-administer Hapé sacredly
. Collective Ceremony
. Post Ceremony Resources

We will walk through the background of hapé, what it's made from, how it's used, how to pick out different hapés and when to use them. We will over set and setting, and how to set up your space ceremoniously. We will talk about how to self administer, how to set intentions, and the blessings involved in making this practice sacred for you. You will also receive a PDF afterwards with a checklist, the steps we went through, the blessings, a link to a few online stores to get reputable, ethical hapés, and a link to ceremonial, medicine music for your sessions.

A little about me
My name is Shiri. I've been working as a facilitator with plant medicines for 4.5 years now. I am a hapé practitioner during these ceremonies, and outside of these ceremonies. I also compose and perform medicine healing music, and hold sacred sound journeys intended to help people go inwards, and heal. My life greatly changed with plant medicines, and my mission is to help others connect to themselves, to each other and to every living being on this planet through these plants too. I want to bring love, and emotions through to the surface and help you realize the beauty and depth of your own soul, and encourage you to step into your truth, from your heart, everyday.