Sacred Alignment Tincture
Sacred Alignment Tincture
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Sacred Alignment Tincture

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Sacred Alignment is a curated blend of wild-harvested and organic medicinal ingredients that work to bring through a sense of focused, sustainable mind and body energy, as well as heart-centered, balanced emotions through your day.

The Lion's Mane is considered a natural nootropic, and helps in strengthening neural connections in the brain. It helps increase memory and focus as well as reducing stress and anxiety. Lions Mane is also an immune booster and is an anti inflammatory.

Buddhist Shaolin monks used the Lion's Mane mushroom in meditation practices to help with focus and concentration. 

Bobinsana is commonly taken in the Amazon during shamanic ceremonies for healing the heart, emotional trauma and heartbreak. It's a beautiful teacher of empathy, helps to open one's heart, connect to nature and to one's intuition. It is also considered an anti inflammatory, and supports those with arthritis, rheumatism, musculoskeletal pains, edema/oedema, and uterine disorders.

Bobinsana is utilized in this tincture to keep you moving through each moment of your day from your heart space, from your truth, from love. It's also assists with vivid and lucid dreaming. Bobinsana is known to help you dream deeper and bring through meanings from your dreams.

1 dropper full in water in the morning. Adjust as needed. 5 days on, 2 days of cycling is recommended. 30ml | 30 day supply.

Organic Lion's Mane, Peruvian Bobinsana, Organic MCT Coconut Oil, Filtered Water

"I bring in focus & clarity to my day in alignment with my higher self, & I receive guidance on my path."

The Effects:
- Helps being in a state of flow
- Sustainable focused energy & concentration
- Elevates Mood
- Helps decrease anxiety
- Is a dream booster
- Relaxation of body & mind
- Helps move through emotional weight

* Each Sacred Flows order is delivered in a compostable, plastic-free bubble mailer made from plants. We are dedicated to making sure our footprint on this Earth is light and that we are as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible!