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Hapé/Rapé One-on-One Virtual Workshop
Hapé/Rapé One-on-One Virtual Workshop
Hapé/Rapé One-on-One Virtual Workshop
Hapé/Rapé One-on-One Virtual Workshop

Hapé/Rapé One-on-One Virtual Workshop

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Hapé/Rapé One-on-One Virtual Workshop and Ceremony

Hapé is a shamanic tobacco that is blown up the nose with a self-administering tool called a kuripe, or through a tepi which is used to administer from one person to another. Hapé is traditionally made from Mapacho and other medicinal plants and is made by different tribes around the Amazon Rainforest.

I believe in the power of hapé in healing and bringing about guidance and clarity. This workshop is perfect to connect to self, to spirit guide, and to your heart.

Hapé is a helpful tool for meditating, grounding and releasing, and works wonders for anxiety or unease. It's traditionally used for grounding, focus, intention setting and prayer. It also clears and cleanses your physical, energetic, and spiritual body.

. If you are new to hapé and you are wanting to learn how to self administer and how to sit with this medicine ceremoniously, this is the workshop for you.
. If you want to deepen your relationship with hapé and learn how to utilize it to really serve you, this is also the workshop for you.

*Workshops are only available between Monday-Thursday, 10am-8pm EST. Some weekends may be available. The workshop is approximately an hour long. It is virtual which means as long as you have a camera and a platform to have a video call, this is available to you. You will need a kuripe, and hapé for the ceremony. If you don't have these items, check out the collection of hapé kits that I offer, and get one of those first.

We will walk through the background of hapé, what it's made from, how it's used, how to pick out different hapés and when to use them. We will over set and setting, and how to set up your space ceremoniously. We will talk about how to self administer, how to set intentions, and the blessings involved in making this practice sacred for you. You will also receive a PDF afterwards with a checklist, the steps we went through, the blessings, a link to a few online stores to get reputable, ethical hapés, and a link to ceremonial, medicine music for your sessions.

My name is Shiri. I work as a facilitator with plant medicines. I am a hapé practitioner during these ceremonies, and outside of these ceremonies. I also compose and perform medicine healing music, and hold sacred sound journeys intended to help people go inwards, and heal. My life greatly changed with plant medicines, and my mission is to help others connect to themselves, to each other and to every living being on this planet through these plants too. I want to bring love, and emotions through to the surface and help you realize the beauty and depth of your own soul, but mostly… I just want you to feel.

Before you purchase, make sure you provide your email to me so we can schedule a ceremony day and time. Once you purchase this workshop, you will receive a PDF download which will contain the checklist, the steps, and the blessing. We will go through this during the workshop and sit together in ceremony. I look forward to sitting in ceremony with you. Aho.