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“Live a life that's true to your heart and to your soul"

I am dedicated to sharing healing music and sacred tools for inner peace, connection, transformation and expansion. The music I create goes hand in hand with the medicine of Hapé as they are both created to return you to your heart space.

The purpose of my work is to take you on a journey into your own heart, your own soul, so you can let go of external expectations of yourself, and simply be. The intention is to bring you back to center, back to your heart, back to yourself so that you can let go of everything that’s holding you back from living your most exceptional life.

I ask you to let go of the pain, the sorrow, the anger, the stress, and return to inner peace, and ease with me.I ask you to move through your heart in each moment, tap in to your truth, and live from that space of knowing.

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A Guided Meditation on Self Worth

Listen to this 10 minute I AM affirmations for self worth guided meditation to reset your mind with these mantras, for a more powerful day, a more powerful belief in your self worth. Let this guide you back to your truth, remembering that you are safe, that you are enough, that you are worthy, capable and complete.

Give yourself this 10 minute gift everyday to connect within. Finding your center, feeling grounded, and feeling connected to your body and your heart as you recite these I AM affirmations and realize your worth within.

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My Latest Singles

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Reach for the Stars is a song about unity, a song to remind us of our connection to one another, to this Earth and a reminder of where we came from, where our Souls have come from, and where they will one day return to.

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Elements reminds us of the four elements that we are deeply connected to, and when we recognize this connection, our ability to see ourselves in nature deepens. This is a mantra style song, a pattern, created to sink in to connection.

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“Light Work” gives us the opportunity to step into our power, into our truth and shine from within. The shamanic-inspired vocals pierce through the untamed wilderness in your soul, to encapsulate your very being, inspiring you to access the highest version of yourself.


“Shadow Work” is an instrumental album that provides the space for us to dig deep and shine the light on our shadows. It's a moment to uncover our shadows, and to embrace them fully into our being. In order to know the light, we must first experience the darkness


A single created in collaboration with Misk'i Takiy created virtually during the pandemic. Purchasing this single goes towards raising funds for The Passionate Warrior - aimed to provide sponsorship to people who are in need of healing but who don't have the means to get the help they need.


Between Worlds is an album inspired by my Ayahuasca ceremonies. This was my first album release in this style of music. Between Worlds is an instrumental album created between the physical world, and the spiritual world, with music that will move you and allow you to journey within.

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