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Our Eco-Friendly Values🌎🫶🏼

Sacred Flows Studios always has the environment in mind when it comes to packaging, shipping and even sourcing of products.

Everything we do as individuals and as organizations impacts this Earth and the other beings we share this home with. It is a deciding factor in everything I do at Sacred Flows.

How does this impact the Earth, and can I do this better? If I cannot do this better, I will not partake in anything that harms the environment unnecessarily.


Biodegradable Bubble Mailers

The bubble mailers/envelopes we ship to you are ALL biodegradable. There is no plastic involved here at all. They are made from plant matter that will degrade over time, but strong enough to protect the products that are sent to you.

Hapé Packaged

Every Hapé order is wrapped in tissue paper, and wrapped as beautifully as possible, taking the environment into account too. Every Hapé is packaged in a glass bottle with a metal lid. Glass is easier to recycle than plastic... and is not as harmful to the environment as plastic, which is why we choose not to use plastic for the bottles.

The Cacao is packaged in a zipped pouch which is also biodegradable. It's food safe, and plastic free. It's wrapped up in paper and packaged in our biodegradable bubble mailers.

If you order a complex designed kuripe that is easily breakable, you may have noticed bubble wrap. This bubble wrap is reused from orders that I receive. Instead of throwing bubble wrap away, I put it aside to protect more delicate items. This is the only plastic material we use, and is never purchased for this use but rather reused to avoid trashing. Please discard this bubble wrap in a plastic bag recycle bin at your local grocery store.


The Palo Santo that is packaged with orders over $90 is ethically sourced and sustainable. I have now limited the special packed Hapés for large orders to one a person to not waste the bags and the wood for no reason. The bags are made of natural fibers, and can be reused as your medicine pouch.
Hapé Order

The Hapé that we offer is ethically sourced. It comes directly from the tribes, and is of high quality. It is fair trade, meaning they get compensated fairly for their goods. Fair Trade is always considered with the products we sell. The kuripes, and the cacao are also fair trade, and help support farmers and artists in other countries.


Sacred Flow Hapés are often blended, and are always blended with high quality, USDA organic ingredients. The same goes with the Cacao.

Sacred Flows will always provide:

. Organic
. Fair Trade
. Plastic Free
. Vegan
. Biodegradable (where possible)
. High Quality

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