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Heal Trauma Stored in the Body - Interview with Zyra Arroyo

An interview with Zyra Arroyo, Massage Therapist and Reiki Master shares with us how to heal trauma stored in the body utilizing the Amazonian Jungle Medicine: Hapé.

Those who are on their healing journey, who are interested in the Gene Keys, and Human Design... those who are energy healers or just looking for guidance and connection in their lives... this is for you!

This interview is so eye-opening as to how trauma gets stored in the body and how it gets released utilizing hapé. Zyra connects with the medicine of Hapé herself, but also shares this medicine with her reiki clients to get the most out of their healing journeys. It not only helps her as a energy healer, but helps her clients progress on their healing journey.

We talk about emotional trauma, ancestral and generational trauma, kambo, fears and aprehensions, clearing the throat chakra, distance healing, healing infections, sadness, grief, mental chatter, insecurities, and much more.

The Hapé that Zyra mentions in the video is Apurina Awiri, which can be found here:

See full video here

Zyra Arroyo Interview Hapé

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