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How I utilize Hapé | Sacred Flow Sublingual Hapé Experience

This video is covering Sacred Flow's new line of hand-crafted sublingual hapés as I show you how I utilize hapé sublingually.

We cover all the steps and things to consider while utilizing hapé in this manner. This new batch of sublingual hapés can be taken in the regular manner - they are very strong in this capacity, but over the course of 6 months were specifically designed to be taken sublingually.

This is how I utilize Hapé on a day to day basis when I'm wanting a more calm experience, with a deep physical relaxation and a more present, mindful state.

This is perfect for:
. Those who want to experience this medicine, but are nervous to do so in the regular manner with a kuripe
. Moments when you need immediate help with anxiety or overwhelming emotions, and you're in a public setting (it's more discrete)
. Those who are experiencing sinus annoyance with hapé in the nasal cavity
. Those who are wanting a more subtle, calming experience You can find these two new blends on

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Sacred Flow Sublingual Hapé

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