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Integrating Your Plant Medicine Journey with Hapé

What does it mean to integrate your plant medicine journey's?

Today we will be covering the topic of integration, and what it means to really, fully integrate your experiences with plant medicines.

If you've just sat with a plant medicine like Ayahuasca, or you sat with it months or even years ago, and you found it an was amazing experience, and you feel completely renewed and ready to begin this new life, however a few days or even a few weeks after, that feeling begins to wear off.

The pink cloud of love and excitement begins to dissipate and you feel like you're returning to the previous, default version of yourself... the answer is not
"I need to have another Ayahuasca (insert Plant Medicine) journey"

The answer is
"I need to learn how to integrate my experience, so that I get to live this new version of me in my daily life."

So if you've sat in a plant medicine journey with master teacher plants like Ayahausca, San Pedro, Mushrooms etc... and you are wondering how to take what you've learned from your journey and integrate it into your life, then this video might help you understand the concept of what integration looks like and what the goal is once our ceremonies are over.

The journey itself is merely the beginning, and has provided you the guidance to greatly improve your life, however it's up to you to apply that guidance.

I hope this video helps you understand why integrating your Ayahuasca and other plant medicine journey's is really important if your life is to change or improve, and how the medicine of Hapé can help with the integration process.

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Integrating plant medicine journey's with Hapé

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