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Learning How to Manifest | 5 Practical Steps to Manifest The Life You Desire

Learning how to manifest is a really important skill to have in order to create the life you really want, the life you desire.

The thing is, you're already a master manifestor, and you're already manifesting your current experience of reality. What I'm here to teach you, is how to consciously manifest your life. Learning how to manifest intentionally, instead of by default.

I cover 5 practical steps on how to create sustainable, actual change in your life, plus a 6th bonus step to magnify, and amplify the intention.

This video encompasses the teachings of many thought leaders, and is based on my actual experiences in life. So let's get manifesting...

My favorite hapé for amplifying frequencies for manifestation is "9 Mountain Herbs", "Cacao Roses" and "Cacao Lucid Dreams" and the famous "Golden Phoenix". 

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