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*NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle
*NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle
*NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle
*NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, *NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, *NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, *NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle

*NEW* Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle

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Our new Sublingual Hapé Variety Bundle offers 4 new Sublingual Hapés Blends! Each are so unique in their properties.

You can also utilize these Hapés in a traditional way using a kuripe, and do not have to utilize them sublingually if not called to.

This bundle contains all 4 of our NEW Sublingual Hapés:
. 5g/10g Earthly Grounding ~Ground to Earth~
. 5g/10g Enchanted Jungle ~Amazon Rainforest~
. 5g/10g Mystical Experience ~Mystical Visionary~
. 5g/10g Positively Peaceful ~Peace & Calm~
. + Engraved Wooden Spoon

Earthly Grounding
Earthy Grounding is a powerful Hapé that guides us back into our bodies, back into the present moment. It's deeply cleansing, and helps to remove emotional blockages, and stuck energy.

It carries a very protective, healthy masculine energy that pulls us back to Earth, to feel one with nature, and one with ourselves.

If you're feeling disconnected from your body, and feeling flighty, this blend will pull you back into your being, and ground you to the Earth beneath your feet.

Enchanted Jungle
The Enchanted Jungle will connect you to the majestic Amazon Jungle, to the mystery of the master teachers plants, the spirit world, and the wisdom keepers.

This Hapé will transport you to the depths of the jungle, the wild and free flowing energy of the Rainforest. It's a connector to the sacred plants, and the majestic animals that roam the forests, allowing for messages to be carried through them to you.

Mystical Experience

If you're looking for a mystical experience, a change of perspective, a glimpse behind the veil, this Hapé will take you through the magic that overlaps our very existence.

This is a third-eye opener, activating the pineal gland, allowing you to have a mystical experience, a shift in perception, and an opening of your visions, and a deepening of your connection to your spirit guides.

Positively Peaceful
A beautiful Hapé to bring in absolute calm and peace. Positively Peaceful feels like a breeze of fresh air, a feeling of calm, and allowing us to be in the present moment, reminding us that in this moment, all is okay.

It helps to quieten the mind, to soften the heart, and to still the body. In times of intense emotions, Positively Peaceful will allow you a moment of reprieve, a moment of peace.

How to use as a Sublingual Hapé
. Pour a pea size dose on your hand to start with. Adjust dosing as needed.
. Use the wooden spoon to flatten the hapé, and scoop up
. Blow the residue off your hand into the hair to return back to Pachamama
. Place your intention, and pour the contents underneath your tongue
. Be careful to not breathe the hapé in, or careful to breathe out through your mouth, as the hapé will puff into a dust cloud outside of your mouth.
. Gently close your lips, keeping your tongue up, away from the hapé for the 1st minute or so as it mixes with your saliva
. Close your eyes, sink into your heart space, and let the medicine take you where it needs to
. After a minute or so feel free to lower your tongue on to the contents as it will absorb through your tongue too
. Note, any burning sensation is normal - it will dissipate
. Be careful not to swallow the hapé while it's in your mouth
. Breathe slowly through your nose, focusing on stilling yourself
. Once you feel the affects have worn off, and your session is done, pour a little water in your mouth, swish, and spit out the contents. Do a double swish to make sure everything is out
. A session is typically between 8-20 minutes. Wherever you're comfortable at

Here's a video to guide you through the process

* This does not come with a kuripe. This is the hapé only. If you need a kuripe, please make sure you add that to your cart. This does, however come with an engraved wooden spoon.

* Each Sacred Flows item comes in an eco-friendly glass container with an aluminum top that's easily reusable, or recyclable. Each order is delivered in a compostable, plastic-free bubble mailer made from plants. We are dedicated to making sure our footprint on this Earth is light and that we are as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible!