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Ultimate Bundle - Special Edition
Ultimate Bundle - Special Edition
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Ultimate Bundle - Special Edition

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This kit is perfect to get connected to all 8 of the Sacred Flow hapés. Each hapé in this bundle is so unique in it's offering.

This hapé bundle is the perfect gift for yourself, or for someone who loves hapé. It's a great way to explore a variety of hapés before committing to one or two bigger bottles. This is a great way to have a mix in your medicine bag without breaking the bank.

. 8 Different Kinds of Hapés (3g each) 
1. Nukini Bliss; 2. Yawanawa Rose; 3.Nukini Maca; 4. Shadow Work; 5. Light Work; 6. Golden Phoenix; 7. Katukina Vashawá; 8. Gesileu Tsunu
. Palo Santo Lavender Bundle
. Sacred Flow's Bag

* Each Sacred Flows item comes in an eco-friendly glass container with an aluminum top that's easily reusable, or recyclable. Each order is delivered in a compostable, plastic-free bubble mailer made from plants. We are dedicated to making sure our footprint on this Earth is light and that we are as eco-friendly and plastic free as possible!

It is a potent blend that envelops you in a warm, self loving embrace. The cacao is physically felt in the heart chakra and above, leaving you with a warm tingle that has you feeling like you’ve been caressed in a warm blanket with a cool breeze from the mint flowing through.

It is a grounding full body experience and merges the union of the divine masculine and divine feminine. This promotes a natural flow of energy, a blissful, euphoric state of love and comfort, and could potentially act as an aphrodisiac.

Yawanawa Rose is blended with crushed organic purple rose making it a very aromatic mix.

This is a beautiful feminine blend, allowing a deep connection with nature, with the plants and with the souls who created pachamama. It’s the inviting of the divine feminine into your soul, into your body, the full flow into your life.

This blend works primarily on the heart chakra, and can help one learn to love him or herself more, in addition to opening the heart and third eye.

Nukini Maca will bring out the inner warrior in you. It’s a balanced blend that brings to light your internal strength and your infinite divinity. It carries a raw, tribal and wild essence that, while grounds you, also brings with it, true energy. Maca was used by the Peruvian Incan soldiers during war battles for energy, endurance and power.

Maca comes to aid us in times of change. It assists our being in times when we need to adapt in situations. It teaches us that although we may no be where we want to be we can still continue our path and have faith that we are not confined by our circumstances.

A strong hapé that carries you into your soul, and allows you to see all angles of yourself, so that you can let go of the things that no longer serve you and allow space for the aspects of yourself that do serve you. It assists you in letting go and in accepting all of you.

You can use this to dive deep into shadow work, or just anytime you wish to ground, meditate, and let go.

A strong hapé that assists in connecting your head and your heart so they can operate as one in full service to your higher self. It will awaken your spirit and allow you to fully step in to your light, knowing your divinity.

You can use this to really step into your power and your essence, or just anytime you wish to ground, meditate, and let go.

Golden Phoenix is a magical blend with immense potency to tap into other realms. It's a bringer of medicine energy, deep truth and healing.

Golden Phoenix has the ability to open up a world of ancestral energy, connecting you with those who have just passed on, and those that have been in your lineage for centuries. This brings a sense of support, of knowing, of being held.

Because of this, it can bring you closer to source, and strengthen the connection that is already there.

A blend I would describe as “peppery”, and heavily grounding. This hapé is well rounded, with a more masculine undertone. It’s a blend that helps you really feel your feet on the ground, and held by Pachamama in a very protective way.

Gesileu Tsunu is a very fruity hapé that brings upon much calm. It helps release discomfort from the body and the mind and helps to align the chakras for restorative balance.

It begins at the heart center and send love through the body in both directions. Following breath, you can feel the light entering the top of the crown, to the root, and back out and around the body. It’s assists you in becoming aware of the things you are aware of… the awareness beyond the awareness.